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Month: April 2017

OP106: MAGNUS REAWAKENS / The Essence of Resonessence

OP106: MAGNUS REAWAKENS / The Essence of Resonessence

Ever stop to think, how our universe is made up? Numbers and patterns, energy into creation. Math forms patterns, which grow into life. We’ve decided to try to show this in the form of a living portal, but we need your help to bring it to fruition! We are already well on our way, with a little help we can make it all the way.

Our goal is $1200, it will be used to help get our team out to Magnus and fund the rest of the endeavor.

Up to this point, we have fully funded our project out of pocket. We are a really small team with most of our members out of state, making it harder to attend the event. So now it’s time for us to reach out and ask for help in completing the project. Any amount we raise will be used directly towards building materials, technical supplies and to assure that our team is able to get our project to the site. Thank you in advance!

We bring you the Resonessence Project:

Every funder will receive medal for The Grid and will earn a chance to win an IRFN patch! For this OP we will draw THREE patch winners. See details.

Current Status:

We have collected $239.90 of our $1,200.00 target. It is 19.99% of our goal for the OP106: The Essence of Resonessence campaign


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OP105: No Shards for Frogs

OP105: No Shards for Frogs

After the successful score of shard #52, the Resistance blocked any ENL scoring in Berlin. There were many attempts by the frogs, but the Resistance succeeded in „exist to resist“. 🙂

There were many player out by car, deep in the night, driving 5.800km in total, defending the ENL Portal by throwing blockers over the lanes while spending the night at far-away village churches and lonesome junction boxes.

We thank them for this duty, keeping the shards away and do not let ENL bring any shards close to the target.

IRFN patch winner: SanMann (Onyx)

Current Status:

We have collected $310.00 of our $310.00 target. It is 100.00% of our goal for the OP105: No Shards for Frogs campaign


OP104: #FrozenFingerPhone

OP104: #FrozenFingerPhone

On the evening of March 18th, agents @batukaya, @Zickchen_BRB and @Antifroschn headed to the forest Northeast of Berlin. The orders were clear – the shard parked by the ENL on the coast at Usedom, was never allowed to make it to Berlin.

They farmed keys and setup several blockers deep in the forest. At 4:30am, a frog named Kraxler finally caught up with them and kept destroying their blockers. A tough battle, several AXAs later and some last minute blockers finally kept the shard away from Berlin at the 5am jump. All the celebration on Zello was unfortunately short lived as @Zickchen_BRB’s phone fell off from her frozen fingers, never to give a sign of life again.

Please help this agent recover her phone!

IRFN patch winner: HazardExas (Bronze)

Current Status:

We have collected $250.94 of our $250.00 target. It is 100.38% of our goal for the OP104: FrozenFingerPhone campaign


OP103: Latvia Resists

OP103: Latvia Resists

Latvian Resistance agents are always welcoming shards! They got #21, twice even, for almost a week of total action. Multiple blockers were put up, some even avoided direct scoring to Berlin. Some agents spent a bit more money than they can afford. Please help them cover some of the finances used:

  • Taxi to take down blocker
  • Fuel for multiple trips

IRFN patch winner: ht93 (Bronze)

Current Status:

We have collected $87.43 of our $87.00 target. It is 100.49% of our goal for the OP103: Latvia Resists campaign