Ingress Resistance Funding Network

Ingress Resistance Funding Network

Welcome Resistance Agent

Agent, the Resistance needs you! All over the world there are Resistance agents ready to go all the way for their faction with extraordinary actions. Boats, planes, trains, bicycles, nothing will stand in their way if they have your support. See below how you can help fund some of these amazing efforts!


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OP144: C’était blue NR01-GOLF-10 🔥

La cellule connectée comptant pour la série d’anomalies Cryptic Memories vient de s’achever ce jeudi 29 février. La cellule s’étale sur 3 pays et comprend des villes comme : Luxembourg, Sarrebruck, Metz et Nancy.


OP143: Brighton Echo – The cake is not a lie!!

The Resistance will have amazing cakes in Brighton, catering for different dietary requirements and aiming to awe and amaze all Smurfs!


OP142: Papey – The Little Island That Could

Wikipedia says that Papey, a tiny island off the coast of Iceland, is only about 2 square kilometres (0.77 sq mi) in extent, but what a great location for the Resistance!


OP141: Ukraine – Help agent Arlekin36 rebuild

Ingress Resistance agent @Arlekin36 from Kyiv (Ukraine) needs your help! On March 1st, disaster struck his apartment. Please help this agent get back on his feet and rebuild his life 💙


OP139: Beacon Beckoning

With a landmark on one of the UK’s historic coastal lines that is shinglehandedly responsible for advances in radio navigation, it is not more then fitting it gets some blue love after a period of shaper control causing unforeseen side effects.


OP138: Monkey Business

The Canaries Resistance is asking for your help to ensure those bluetiful BAFS keep covering vast areas and ensuring the resistance wins the global cycle.

OP137: The Godfather: Part II

It’s time for the sequel! Let’s be honest, that frog sitting in his cage in Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna (the oldest still active zoo of the world) is not going anywhere anytime soon and so it’s time to refresh its annual sponsorship. Help Resistance Vienna feed their ugly mascot!

OP135: A Fair Isle

Fair Isle is a very remote island just between Orkney and the Shetlands. With 50 residents, no hotel or bar but plenty of sheep, a truely remote place to be.

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OP134: A Boat for a Fjord

The amazing fjord area of Haugalandet is in desperate needs of a boat to keep all the local lighthouses free from Shaper influence.

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OP133: Griend

For a while now, the North of the Netherlands as well as parts of the UK, Iceland, etc were blocked by Enlightened links from a remote Dutch island.

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OP132: A Series of Unlucky Incidents

Last week the european resistance tried to BAF Europe. As you might have seen, sadly no link went up. Due to some unlucky incidents, we had to cancel the OP when almost everything was ready.

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OP131: The Spirit of Dover

The lighthouse on the Prince of Wales pier in Dover had been blue for a long time. When it was made public that the pier was going to be closed several smurfs secretly farmed keys for distribution across OCD networks.

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OP129: Island cleanup

A strategic island had to be urgently cleaned up of ugly green links.

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OP128: A frog needed a godfather

Vienna Resistance sponsors Pyxicephalus adspersus for a year.

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OP127: Red Sands Fort

Dutch and English agents visited a WWII fort located in the Thames estuary to reclaim the portal for the Resistance.

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OP126: Let’s Clean Up Europe!

The 28th of April, the day after King’s Day in the Netherlands, the Resistance in France, Netherlands and Norway decided to do some clean up. Agents travelled out of their way to make the skies blue again.

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OP125: Smurf Air

Smurfs went flying to reclaim some hard to reach portals. Please help them with some of the costs.

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OP124: Scandinavian Link

For the #DarkXMCure link between Malmö and Stockholm, Danish resistance where asked to help and 4 teams were scrambled for clearing.

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OP123: A Northern Affair

A link from Glasgow city centre to Kanturk, Ireland.

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OP122: Swiss Air Force

On 7 April 2018, Resistance Switzerland, Austria and France had to connect Geneva and Innsbruck for #DarkXMCure challenge.

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OP121: Malaysia to Thailand

On 31 March 2018, Resistance Malaysia was involved in a #DarkXMCure Link Ops connecting Malaysia and Thailand.

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OP120: Scilly Wednesday

After the successful OP108 to the Isles of Scilly in May 2017, it was time to go again to de-green it and kill the links to Wales and Ireland.

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OP119: RoadWarrior vs Raccoon

One of Canada’s most dedicated road warriors needs our help after an Ingress-related car crash with a wildlife icon.

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OP118: Save the Kittens

Kittenomaly needs to stay soft, fluffy and cuddly. Cough up some furballs to allow many more invaluable blue kitties share our little smurf shelter!

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP118: Save the Kittens” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP117: Fish and Sheep

Send an agent on a journey for ykwim #ExistToResist

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OP116: #BelfastWillHaveCake !!!

Our crack bakery Smurfs in the Resistance Cake Committee need to make sure there is enough cake to feed our hungry Smurf participating in the anomaly.

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OP115: Two out of three

Against all adversities, resistance agentes travelled to [redacted] in order to kill some blockers for a [redacted].

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OP114: RFN – Resistance Fjord Navy

The Resistance in South Western Norway needs a new boat! The old one was never the same again after an agent almost sunk and barely got himself back to safety.

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OP113: Sun, Desert, Oasis and Railways

Help resistance agents securing 2 remote anchors one of them been up for 300+ days clearing overseas blocks and preparing another for future operations.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP113: Sun, Desert, Oasis and Railways” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP112: Anomaly preparation

Help us prepare for the upcoming anomaly!

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP112: Anomaly preparation” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP111: Sheeps and moar sheeps

Help this heroic agent make a trip to secure some awesome island portals for the Resistance!

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP111: Sheeps and moar sheeps” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP110: Smurf Road Trip

Agents from Scotland made a very long journey in order to help with several large ops.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP110: Smurf Road Trip” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP109: Banana Boat

The RES NL banana boat needs a new engine to continue the battle for the Biesbosch.

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OP108: Scilly Saturday

Agents from Wales, Ireland and Spain recapture strategic portals on the the Scilly islands of St Mary’s, St Agnes, and St Martin’s.

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OP107: Go Go UK RES

We have the technology! UK RES needs a special bit of kit to snare some hard access portals over the summer and secure some mega MU.

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OP106: MAGNUS REAWAKENS / The Essence of Resonessence

Ever stop to think, how our universe is made up? Numbers and patterns, energy into creation. Math forms patterns, which grow into life.

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OP105: No Shards for Frogs

After the successful score of shard #52, the Resistance blocked any ENL scoring in Berlin. There were many attempts by the frogs, but the Resistance succeeded in „exist to resist“. 🙂

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP105: No Shards for Frogs” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP104: #FrozenFingerPhone

Forest outside Berlin, middle of the night, battling a frog, blocking a shard, frozen fingers, dead phone. Agent needs help!

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP104: FrozenFingerPhone” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP103: Latvia Resists

Latvian Resistance agents are always welcoming shards! They got #21, twice even, for almost a week of total action. Multiple blockers were put up, some even avoided direct scoring to Berlin.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP103: Latvia Resists” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP102: Operation City of Love

Paris saw some of the most intense battles of the shard game, particularly near the end of the series. RES agents were fighting for two shards every five hours for a week!

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OP101: Best stupid idea ever

In order to give the Paris Resistance a boost in motivation and try to score a shard for the OLW character, the crazy dutch wanted to help in the Tuesday graveyard shift.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP101:Best stupid idea ever” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP100: Ça saute sous la couette ! / Jump under the covers !

Agents came up with the crazy idea to send shards #50 and #53 from Guyane via Corvo, via Ile de Sein to its final destination at the Paris target.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP100: Jump under the covers” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP99: Keys by Plane

All the action is in Berlin at the moment. After the success with scoring from the UK, one brave agent flew from Berlin to Riga for key transfer, in order to try to score #21.

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OP98: Smurfing Across The Sea

Dedicated agents flew for key transfers and went to multiple islands, staying overnight. The Resistance managed to move keys and kept shard #30 safe.

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OP97: On yer bike son

Having already travelled for nearly 4 hrs to support the efforts of the Resistance at 1am for the shard spawning, our agent’s bike was stolen while getting a bite to eat after the jump.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP97: On yer bike son” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP96: Block it real good

Superheroes, a smurfette and a lumberjack, go on a driving binge to block a shard.

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OP95: No shard in my backyard

It has been a long time since Shonin, way too long and somehow we end up in old tracks. Scandinavian weather is cold and harsh and we need your help for doing it safely and making sure that our finest agents makes it back safely.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP95: No shard in my backyard” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP94: No shard through Estonia!

Estonian agents make a stand, 2 days, 1100km of driving, 50+ blockers and 4 hours of sleep!

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OP93: Smurfair

Sending smurfs to take out remote island portals by aircraft.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP93: Smurfair” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP92: Not a Beach Vacation

Busy busy, 2 agents need to travel to remote island to help save humanity.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP92: Not a Beach Vacation” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP91: It’s Grim up North

Put a smile on everyone’s face by helping RES capture a remote island.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP91: It’s Grim up North” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP90: Réunion Rescue

Agent @8URT flew from Mauritius to Réunion island to help the two local Resistance agents make a P7 and successfully send shard #61 to South Africa.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP90: Réunion Rescue” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP89: Car vs Deer

Agent @Jokerrr83 had been fighting for shard #46 for 3 nights when he met his nemesis in the woods while creating more blockers.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP89: Car vs Deer” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP88: Exogenous shard #35

Exogenous shard #35 spawned right in the centre of Limoges (France), a heavy ENL stronghold with very few locals RES against some of the most hardcore ENL players in the country.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP88: Exogenous shard 35″ button=”no” text=”no”]

OP87: Trouble in Malta

An agent had to go to Malta to clean up Christmas eve ENL fields over Egypt and Africa.

[totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP87: Trouble in Malta” button=”no” text=”no”]

OP86: Rome IS Blue

A lot of brave Smurfs took a trip to several islands in the Thyrrenian Sea to assure the Resistance a victory in Via Noir Rome.

OP85: Island hoppers

Two intrepid smurfs went to a far flung Scottish island to assure the success of a UK covering giga field.

OP84: Smurf Flying School

Send a smurf into the stratosphere for this challenging portal takedown!

OP83: Resistance NL needs a boat

Help Resistance Netherlands to get control in the Biesbosch near Dordecht/Rotterdam.

OP82: OCD Norway

We depend on a small portable boat to take down the hard to reach portals, we are looking to crowdfund enough to replace the engine and continue our efforts to defend the coast.

OP81: CGN Field Defence

Thanks to a very passionate and fanatic counterfielding team, Enlightened did not manage to field Via Lux Cologne.

OP80: Joe Philley Memorial Card

The Joe Philley memorial card will be available at both Cologne and Budapest VIA LUX anomalies on September 24th.

OP79: Granada needs wheels!

Granada needs your help to win #ViaLux. We want to fund the rental of bikes to get a real advantage on the battleground.

OP78: Griend Flightgress

Two agents secured the island of Griend against evil ENL plans for the Birmingham anomaly.

OP77: All Hallow’s Eve

Fielding cities in Norway!

OP76: Birmingham Via Lux Cake Fest

Roll up for cake! The news you have all been waiting for is here – there WILL be the best cake ever at the Birmingham Via Lux anomaly!

OP75: St Kilda Data SIM Funding

Two brave agents from East coast of Scotland will brave the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and head to the uninhabited island of St Kilda.

OP74: Moscow Anomaly

Support this special Resistance OP for glory during #AegisNova!

OP73: Dublin Aegis Nova Cake Fest

Roll up for cake! The news you have all been waiting for is here – there WILL be the best cake ever at the Dublin Aegis Nova anomaly!

OP72: Help Utah Resistance

Help Utah resistance secure victory at their #AegisNova satellite site!

OP71: Mercator

Special Op that will provide an amazing resource for all Aegis Nova anomaly sites.

OP70: A phone for Walter

An unfortunate accident on Saturday after the Rotterdam anomaly landed Walter’s phone in the fountain outside WTC. We’re raising some money for a new phone so that he can continue doing awesome Ingress stuff but we don’t want him to find out. So shhhhh.

OP69: UK Giga Field

Three awesome agents, who help RES time and time again, undertook an adventure on a remote UK island to secure the lanes for a successful x million mu megafield over the UK. They’ve paid for this mostly out of their own pocket, but we need to help them with their expenses.

OP68: Mission Day Cascais

The 11th of June is Mission Day in Cascais. In order to be able to give all participants a nice souvenir of this day, we need your help! The swag package currently includes: a bag, a t-shirt and water.

OP67: Oslo Airbridge

Special activities.

OP66: Help our “polpettini” linkers from Pantelleria

2 italian agents went to Pantelleria to link for a Giga European Field. They took in total 8 planes, paying themselves. If each one of us helps with the equivalent of a coffee, they will have enough money to join us in Padova Aegis Nova so we can hug them!

OP65: Dublin Anomaly

Special OP around the Dublin anomaly.