OP106: MAGNUS REAWAKENS / The Essence of Resonessence

OP106: MAGNUS REAWAKENS / The Essence of Resonessence

Ever stop to think, how our universe is made up? Numbers and patterns, energy into creation. Math forms patterns, which grow into life. We’ve decided to try to show this in the form of a living portal, but we need your help to bring it to fruition! We are already well on our way, with a little help we can make it all the way.

Our goal is $850, it will be used to help get our team out to Magnus and fund the rest of the endeavor.

Up to this point, we have fully funded our project out of pocket. We are a really small team with most of our members out of state, making it harder to attend the event. So now it’s time for us to reach out and ask for help in completing the project. Any amount we raise will be used directly towards building materials, technical supplies and to assure that our team is able to get our project to the site. Thank you in advance!

We bring you the Resonessence Project: http://www.resonessence.world/

IRFN patch winner: Vastis (Gold), mrtickler (Onyx), Renegade214 (Silver)

Current Status: [totaldonations-progress-bar campaign=”OP106: The Essence of Resonessence” button=”no” text=”yes”]

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