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The IRFN Shop is live! All sales will help fund IRFN.
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Agent, the Resistance needs you! Please take a look if you can help us fund one of the OPS below:

OP89: Car vs Deer

Agent @Jokerrr83 had been fighting for shard #46 for 3 nights when he met his nemesis in the woods while creating more blockers.


OP88: Exogenous shard #35

Exogenous shard #35 spawned right in the centre of Limoges (France), a heavy ENL stronghold with very few locals RES against some of the most hardcore ENL players in the country.


OP87: Trouble in Malta

An agent had to go to Malta to clean up Christmas eve ENL fields over Egypt and Africa.


OP86: Rome IS Blue

A lot of brave Smurfs took a trip to several islands in the Thyrrenian Sea to assure the Resistance a victory in Via Noir Rome.


OP85: Island hoppers

Two intrepid smurfs went to a far flung Scottish island to assure the success of a UK covering giga field.


OP84: Smurf Flying School

Send a smurf into the stratosphere for this challenging portal takedown!


OP83: Resistance NL needs a boat

Help Resistance Netherlands to get control in the Biesbosch near Dordecht/Rotterdam.


OP82: OCD Norway

We depend on a small portable boat to take down the hard to reach portals, we are looking to crowdfund enough to replace the engine and continue our efforts to defend the coast.


OP81: CGN Field Defence

Thanks to a very passionate and fanatic counterfielding team, Enlightened did not manage to field Via Lux Cologne.


OP80: Joe Philley Memorial Card

The Joe Philley memorial card will be available at both Cologne and Budapest VIA LUX anomalies on September 24th.


OP79: Granada needs wheels!

Granada needs your help to win #ViaLux. We want to fund the rental of bikes to get a real advantage on the battleground.


OP78: Griend Flightgress

Two agents secured the island of Griend against evil ENL plans for the Birmingham anomaly.


OP77: All Hallow’s Eve

Fielding cities in Norway!


OP76: Birmingham Via Lux Cake Fest

Roll up for cake! The news you have all been waiting for is here – there WILL be the best cake ever at the Birmingham Via Lux anomaly!

OP75: St Kilda Data SIM Funding

Two brave agents from East coast of Scotland will brave the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and head to the uninhabited island of St Kilda.

OP74: Moscow Anomaly

Support this special Resistance OP for glory during #AegisNova!

OP73: Dublin Aegis Nova Cake Fest

Roll up for cake! The news you have all been waiting for is here – there WILL be the best cake ever at the Dublin Aegis Nova anomaly!

OP72: Help Utah Resistance

Help Utah resistance secure victory at their #AegisNova satellite site!

OP71: Mercator

Special Op that will provide an amazing resource for all Aegis Nova anomaly sites.

OP70: A phone for Walter

An unfortunate accident on Saturday after the Rotterdam anomaly landed Walter’s phone in the fountain outside WTC. We’re raising some money for a new phone so that he can continue doing awesome Ingress stuff but we don’t want him to find out. So shhhhh.

OP69: UK Giga Field

Three awesome agents, who help RES time and time again, undertook an adventure on a remote UK island to secure the lanes for a successful x million mu megafield over the UK. They’ve paid for this mostly out of their own pocket, but we need to help them with their expenses.

OP68: Mission Day Cascais

The 11th of June is Mission Day in Cascais. In order to be able to give all participants a nice souvenir of this day, we need your help! The swag package currently includes: a bag, a t-shirt and water.

OP67: Oslo Airbridge

Special activities.

OP66: Help our “polpettini” linkers from Pantelleria

2 italian agents went to Pantelleria to link for a Giga European Field. They took in total 8 planes, paying themselves. If each one of us helps with the equivalent of a coffee, they will have enough money to join us in Padova Aegis Nova so we can hug them!

OP65: Dublin Anomaly

Special OP around the Dublin anomaly.