OP122: Swiss Air Force

OP122: Swiss Air Force

On 7 April 2018, Resistance Switzerland, Austria and France had to connect Geneva and Innsbruck for #DarkXMCure challenge.

Really? A link of more than 400km across the Alps, in April? The avalanche danger was particularly high! So the question was: How to throw this link without endangering an agent!?
More than once they were on the verge of canceling the action. But finally a solution was found.

Resistance Air Force with their pilot @r2k and the two passengers @Chicken3gg and @Hilmy managed to take down the not safely accessible portals in the alps. With this action and the other agents involved in cleaning the lane, agents in Geneva and Innsbruck were able to connect the two cities.

R – LINKED – Adolf Pichler Platz in Innsbruck, Austria (47.265988,11.391788) & Wallace Fountain in Geneva, Switzerland (46.199561,6.145885) at 04-07-2018 15:03:48 UTC

Please help them to recover some of the costs for the airplane!

IRFN patch winner: Dirtymindx (Onyx).

Current Status: Fully funded! Thank you!

We have collected €421.88 of our €400.00 target. It is 105.47% of our goal for the OP122: Swiss Air Force campaign


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