OP132: A Series of Unlucky Incidents

OP132: A Series of Unlucky Incidents

Last week the european resistance tried to BAF Europe. As you might have seen, sadly no link went up. Due to some unlucky incidents, we had to cancel the OP when almost everything was ready.

In preparation of this OP, we sent several agents to very remote locations to get rid of long standing blockers. Our agents went out of their way by car, boat, hovercraft and plane. To encourage further OPs like this one it qould be greatly appreciated if you could chip in a dime or two. So that in future these kind of OPs still will be possible!

What our agents brought back from these trips are amazing impressions we will share with you!

IRFN patch winner: Nifontoff (Gold) and Bentis (Silver).

Current Status:

We have collected €745.48 of our €745.00 target. It is 100.06% of our goal for the OP132: A Series of Unlucky Incidents campaign


Fully funded, thank you!

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