OP133: Griend

OP133: Griend

For a while now, the North of the Netherlands as well as parts of the UK, Iceland, etc were blocked by Enlightened links from a remote Dutch island. Since Enlightened was heavily using this portal as an anchor for permafielding Dutch mainland, some brave local agents decided to make a stand and to try and break free from the green oppression.

They traveled by boat to an island near Griend and rented a plane to do a fly-by flip. Due to speedlock, it took a couple of passes to finally flip the portal to blue. A very exciting trip since some of them had never flown before.

IRFN patch winner: MandragorDE (Bronze).

Current Status: Fully funded, thank you!

We have collected €230.70 of our €230.00 target. It is 100.30% of our goal for the OP133: Griend campaign


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