OP134: A Boat for a Fjord

OP134: A Boat for a Fjord

Dear Resistance agents, if we get access to a boat, our aim will be to attempt to gain control over the lighthouse portals in our area (for example Geitungen and Jarsteinen). The type of boat we are aiming to buy can be packed away and transported by car:

This means that it will be very versatile and can be used to take portals that would otherwise be too difficult to reach. For example the sea between Karmøy (Skudneshavn) and Kvitsøy is probably to a bit too rough for the kind of boat we are looking at, but the boat would be able to be packed and transported to Kvitsøy by ferry. Such a boat would also enable us to access islands and lighthouses further into the fjords of Haugelandet.

The boat would be accessible to all RES agents in Haugalandet. At the moment there are about 15 active agents in Haugesund and Karmøy. There has been an increase in recruited agents recently. These new agents and existing agents struggle to play locally as the area is covered constantly by green fields created by two ENL agents that have access to a boat. These ENL agents use portals that are only accessbile by boat.

We believe that it would help the local community massively to have access to a boat as it would enable people to play locally again, and to try break the ENL control over the sea portals.

Realistically we could make trips to Geitungen 2-3 times a week in the summer months. During winter it is more weather dependant.

PS: This was our previous attempt:

IRFN patch winner: Leitz5138 (Platinum), sparkyasta (Platinum).

Current Status:

We have collected €850.78 of our €850.00 target. It is 100.09% of our goal for the OP134: A Boat for a Fjord campaign


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