OP135: A Fair Isle

OP135: A Fair Isle

Fair Isle is a very remote island just between Orkney and the Shetlands. With 50 residents, no hotel or bar but plenty of sheep, a truly remote place to be. As you may have noticed: for the first time the Resistance legitimately controlled Fair Isle. It isn’t easy to reach Fair Isle. The weather is highly unpredictable. Flights are often cancelled and there are limited options to access the island through a small airport on Shetland. Two agents took the challenge to wait for the right weather conditions and visit this small island.

Unfortunately, Resistance was not able to hold the portal for long. It was taken back by Enlightened a few days afterwards. However, the costs for this trip were made. Let’s help our fellow Resistance agents to cover the costs (after subtracting their own personal donations, plus several days of travel).

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Every funder will earn a chance to win one of two IRFN patches. See details.

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